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michelel72 ([personal profile] michelel72) wrote2010-06-18 02:50 pm

Vancouver on my mind

So, it's official. I'll be visiting Vancouver later this year. Yay! (Of course, it would have been smart to wait for the confirmation of my house-and-cat-sitter before I bought all the nonrefundable stuff, but all that fortunately worked out.)

It'll be a mommy-and-me trip (snerk), by which I mean my mother and I are going together. It looks to be a fun and interesting fanfic research trip and vacation.

If anyone around here has been to Vancouver and can make any recommendations of things or places to see/do/be/whatever, I'd love any and all feedback. (Recommendations for a vegetarian, or of — ahem — Stargate fan must-sees, would be particularly appreciated.)
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