2 November 2010

michelel72: (SGA-Atlantis-Sunset)
So once upon a time there was this rewatch comm called [livejournal.com profile] sga_rewind. It fizzled out, as many things do once my hands get on them, but I played in a couple of drabble trees before that end. In the interest of preserving my sporadic creative efforts, I'm archiving them here.

These were meant to be true drabbles, exactly 100 words (not counting titles), but they may vary slightly depending on the count tool I was using and how it handled hyphenated terms and punctuation. So it goes. Since these were drabble trees, the linking method was to reuse a phrase from a prior drabble in the tree; those phrases are bolded here, though they've been removed from their contexts. The titles are new here.

Rising: Rodney )

Rising: Ayiana )

Rising: The Keeper )

Rising: Elizabeth )

Thirty Eight Minutes: Halling )

(Feedback method test.)

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