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2016-01-27 12:27 am

What have I wrought?! (Fanfic help?)

So remember that time I was all fangirly about Love Is All You Need to Destroy Your Enemies (WtNV/Dresden)?

I sort of accidentally wrote a fic set in the same 'verse. A fanfic of a fanfic, if you will. ([archiveofourown.org profile] shadydave is the sort of hoopy frood who gives open permission via profile notes.)

I know this is the longest of long shots, but is there anyone out there who is familiar with this fic and willing to serve as an early reader of mine? Right now I've got a fairly rough draft of *cough* not quite 38,000 words.

I'm not looking for SPaG; this would be any or all of the following: Character voice, story flow, pacing, and "Dresden Files" canon. You know, the hard stuff.

To make this even more fun, I'm hoping to post it no later than Valentine's Day.

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2014-08-01 12:26 pm

Cater to me, world, cater to meeee ...

I want a structure beta, on-call. Someone willing to just have 27,500 words dumped in their lap (a story in which the climax is an 8,300-word, eight-person argument scene) and able to whip it into shape so it doesn't just trail off into nothing soon after the climax. Also someone willing to either ignore ties to another, 6,500-word story, or to read that as groundwork. And all in fanfic, which requires knowledge of -- or willingness to assume or learn -- the canon.

And, ideally, for free, and swift, and magically knowing what stuff I wouldn't want to change. Gee, I wonder why I don't seem to have one of those just lying around the house ....

(I'll probably just post the silly thing shortly, because ... it's a hobby, and fanfic readers tend to be forgiving of things like wonky structure. But still. How will I ever learn, why can't I just be good at stuff without working at it or studying, blah, blah.)
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2014-07-07 03:33 am

Beta reader wanted: Gen Iron Man fic

I wrote something, I wrote something, oh holy cats, I wrote something!

Not any one of the three fics I meant to be working on, not even the same fandom, but I don't even care!

Anyone out there up for giving feedback on a 6k Iron Man fic? If I don't get nibbles within a day or two, I'll just post, but I should let it sit that long anyway just so I can give it a fresh look before actually posting. And I would like to improve if there's something about it that can be fixed.

It's gen (background Tony/Pepper and Howard/Maria), set between IM2 and the Avengers movie, and it's about Howard and Tony's relationship, explored via handwavium. I'm not looking for SPaG (though always appreciated) so much as general story flow and, more importantly, character voice. Because, well, Tony Stark. I've never written him before, never even contemplated it, never thought I'd write anything at this rate that had nothing to do with SGA, so ... yeah. Another pair of eyes would be good.

And now I will go fall down, since I need to get up for work in about five hours. Blah. But still, I wrote something, whee!

And, since I'm a bit punchy, I will leave you -- under a cut, because I'm not quite that cruel -- a listing of quasi-Tumblr-style tags I will not use when I post to AO3. Imagine them strung together with commas to separate them, because I can't be bothered to format them readably that way at the moment. Enjoy!

(And not even one 'feels' ...) )
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2013-05-29 10:13 pm

Content-beta requested: portrayal of mental disorder

This is an odd one. I've written a story (fanfiction, for Stargate: Atlantis) in which a character has experienced auditory hallucinations for years and thinks he's schizophrenic.

It's a what-if, a character study, with brief snippets considering various episodes in light of this possibility. Only, the thing is, I'm probably about as neurotypical as they come. I really don't want to fall into ableism-fail.

Is there anyone out there who knows about schizophrenia and/or hallucinatory conditions (more than Wikipedia offers) and would be willing to review this story to (try to) make sure I'm not being offensive or ignorant (or offensively ignorant)? Does anyone know a place where I might find such a reviewer? ([community profile] accessportrayal seems close but not quite right as a forum to pose this request ... but maybe I'm wrong about that.)

The story is ~4400 words. It's not a "fix-it". Knowledge of SGA canon is a definite plus, but I can provide supplementary notes for those who know the content area but not the TV show. It's also pretty rough, and it may not work as a story, at least yet.

If this is something I should just regard as "yay, I wrote something, now never publish it", I'd rather know up-front, you know? Thanks to anyone who considers!
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2012-07-18 11:28 pm

Art for meeeee!

To my surprise, I ended up pinch-writing two stories for the SGA Genficathon. I wrote them well after the art deadline, so I had no expectations of art, but while the stories were still Anonymous, [livejournal.com profile] tridget chose one of them to create gift art for!

I'm all bouncy because this is only the second associated work for any of my fics, as far as I know. (The first was [personal profile] sophia_sol's lovely podfic of my Like Thermodynamics.) Yayyyy!

Be advised that the story itself involves a serious injury to one character, and the art does not shy away from depicting that. Bearing that in mind ... check it out!

Cover art for Clipped by [livejournal.com profile] tridget: At LJ; at AO3
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2012-02-09 12:52 am

SGA Genficathon: Send in the clowns

Cross-promoting: [livejournal.com profile] sga_genficathon signups are underway and close in a week. All categories are welcome, but we could use some more folks writing for "Team", and we could really use some more folks to join the, well, none we currently have signed up for "Humor".

(I personally find humor one of the hardest kinds of writing to get right — and possibly the hardest — so I wouldn't say I'm surprised, exactly.)

I know a lot of people have drifted away from SGA; I know real life is in the way for a lot of others who might otherwise sign up. But if you're wavering, please consider this a friendly nudge; and if you know anyone who might be interested, please consider givin them a nudge!
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2011-11-26 12:31 am
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Fanfic beta (?) needed: SGA canon-departure AU

It's done it's done it's doooooooooone. 26,500 words over three months, most of them difficult.

Anyway. I'm looking for early-reader feedback on an SGA story. It's about 26.5k words; it's ultimately Rodney-centric (obviously — I mean, we've met, right?) and departs from canon somewhere between 3x14 and 3x17. (Or you could say it departs from canon thousands of years ago, but our characters still go through canon until this point.) I'm not looking for someone to do just spelling/punctuation/grammar review (SPaG). I had trouble with this story, and I suspect it's missing something, so I'm looking for one or two folks who can tell me if the story works at all; and if it works, what (if anything) is missing or needs better development.

Warnings and summary are under the cut. ) I feel like the warnings as listed are more alarming than the fic itself is, but I so can't judge at this point.

Anyway. Anyone interested?
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2011-06-12 02:14 pm

June 2011: State of the me

I haven't been around much; I haven't had time. Most of that is work; I adore my job, but it's exhausting, and nights/weekends really aren't enough for me even to keep up with the day-to-day, much less reading (I haven't read half the SGA Big Bang archive; I haven't read any of last year's Atlantis Big Bang; I have over 400 fics, fic indexes, and other works tagged as "to be read"; the ReverseBang just went live and the GenFicathon is about to), much much less writing. Which is frustrating. I simply need more time than that to switch from programmer-mindset to writing-mindset.

A brief (for me) whine about the State of the Writing. )

With reading and writing fic, as well as keeping up with my rlist/flist, I spend a lot of time on my computer. My ISP is Comcast, who provides Symantec's Norton Security Suite free to its customers, and I have to wonder what the hell they're thinking. Norton was once the gold standard for computer utilities, if I recall correctly, but it's been worse than a joke for years. Why in the world would Comcast encourage its customers to use a product that makes Comcast's service seem unusably slow? I'm not exaggerating — when my browser takes 48 seconds to process a simple page-down command (yes, I timed it, twice; yes, the response time is unmeasurably quick with Norton uninstalled), I may be savvy enough to blame the add-on software, but not everyone will be, and they'll blame Comcast's speed. Inexplicably stupid marketing/support choice.

Not much else to report beyond that, so I'll close out with a huge batch of …

TV mini-reviews (and two bonus fic recs) )

And that's that.
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2011-01-08 11:49 am
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So AO3 recently introduced a "kudos" feature. I had no idea what it was when I first encountered it, but now I (think I) get it.

I know some folks don't like it. I also was tipped to a mention of me over at [livejournal.com profile] stargate_anon, in which an anon apologized for leaving a guest kudo rather than a signed one on one of my fics. (If anyone happens to be curious (bet not), no, I don't tend to hang out in the anon forums; I really like to know what's going on and who/what is being talked about, but I just don't have the time or energy to follow the anon memes. They're so busy! And so nested!)

For what it's worth: I'm perfectly fine with and appreciate kudos. I don't mind if they're unsigned. I adore getting feedback of any kind, and while comments thrill me, I know sometimes readers don't feel they have anything specific to say. That's why I've started adding anonymous polls for numeric ratings to my latest fic — I'd rather have feedback than worry someone liked (or didn't like!) my story but for whatever reason didn't want to comment. (I would go back and add the polls to my older fic, but LJ/DW only creates polls when an entry is first posted, not when it's edited.)

My one regret is that there isn't a workable way to thank individual readers who leave kudos or anonymous ratings, so for what it's worth: To anyone who leaves me a kudo or anonymous rating, thank you!
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2011-01-01 05:44 pm

Fanfic year in review: 2010

This was my second full year of fanfic writing, and it was much less productive. I adore my job, don't get me wrong, but it sucks up a lot of time and energy (and I'm fully aware I don't have it half as bad as my supervisor, [livejournal.com profile] ninjamonkey73). I'm down to "only" six cats, but they also demand time; I got involved in [livejournal.com profile] stargateficrec; and then little things like the occasional book or video game (damn you, Okami!) steal even more time.

I'm reading lightly in a few other fandoms (Chuck, Criminal Minds, Sherlock, Doctor Who, even Sanctuary), but I'm still monofandom in my writing. I just don't have any stories I want to tell in other fandoms, no matter how much I've enjoyed the source. I think a lot of that is character identification; Rodney McKay is my "in", and I haven't latched onto any other characters in the same way.

The year's published stories … )

That adds up to … ~47.6k words for the year, which is a surprise. I thought I'd produced significantly less compared to last year's 53k.

And just for the hell of it, I'll go through my uWIP list as well:Let it WIP! )

And that's it. I'll probably be working on "Element Wheel", though I do try to keep nibbling away at "Broken Mirror"; the rest will probably get tweaked off-and-on as the mood strikes me.
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2010-10-11 05:33 pm
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Beta (no longer) needed: Angsty threesome PWP (no, really)

what is this I don't even

I wrote smut, guys. You know, the stuff I usually skim and won't beta? Yeah, that. I don't even know.

And now I need a beta. Explicit sex (McKay/Keller/Sheppard) with bonus angst, because that's just how I roll. Unequal relationship dynamics (but this isn't McShep pining, don't worry, and no consent issues or partner betrayal); a teensy mention of ridiculously minor bondage kink; about 1800 words.

(ETA: I know have two brave volunteers and one sympathizer. Thanks, all!)

Everything I know about writing explicit sex comes from reading fanfic and [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants, so ... yeah.