4 February 2012 10:01 pm
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I would dearly like for people to stop driving into my new car, kthx.

(In a parking lot, again. At a business off Route 123, again. On a bright afternoon, again. Striking the front half of the driver's side, again. Fortunately, no one injured, again. More damage, but to one panel — pretty much the entire door — rather than crossing two.)

Nnnnnnnngh. The body shop hokey-pokey is not my idea of a good time.


22 November 2011 03:25 pm
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I don't have enough time in the day. I know I'm not unique in that, at all, but it's still frustrating. I adore my job, but it is ludicrously intense, and I have very little time or energy left for reading and writing.

So I've just volunteered away something like eight hours a week. What was I thinking?

But ... Nine Lives of Norton seems to be well-run and well-organized (certainly better than my city's cat efforts), and they need volunteers for cleaning and feeding and socialization. And I have to do something to counter the criminally negligent and abusive wastes of oxygen out there.

So. Yay volunteerism. (And miserable, painful, lonely death to anyone who would mistreat a companion animal.)
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So my favorite radio station, hands down and bar none, has just been evicted so that WEEI sports talk radio can have an FM signal. And by "evicted", I don't mean it's moving elsewhere on the dial; I mean it's gone.

Mike FM was profitable and popular. What the hell?

I may be a Red Sox fan, but I don't listen to sports talk radio in the first place. I happily praised Mike FM at every turn. WEEI has now become the last station I would ever listen to and the first I'll malign to anyone who will listen.

Thanks for nothing, jerks.
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