michelel72: (DS-Jon-Frightened)
michelel72 ([personal profile] michelel72) wrote2010-12-17 02:19 pm


So, I'm not on Twitter or Facebook; I don't watch live TV or most news shows; I don't visit most news sites. I watched DVR shows last night instead of rechecking my LJ flist. So I only found out about Yahoo! planning to shut down Delicious about an hour ago. After a goodly long panic, though, I found that Delicious is going to try to keep the site up.

Maybe it won't work, but I'm crossing my fingers. Because I'm not a hardcore user, but I have a few thousand bookmarks there, and their tagging system is exactly what I want, and I've been putting together a huge project since about May and that project is only about halfway done.

Don't leave me, Delicious!