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michelel72 ([personal profile] michelel72) wrote 2015-12-20 06:52 pm (UTC)

I'm amazed at how many little bits of WtNV continuity are weaved in perfectly.

In the epilogue, there are three versions of Carlos. The one who drops off the cookies is presumably from some future point but is otherwise deliberately mysterious and unexplained. (I don't know if the author was leaving options open for a sequel or just nodding to the never-entirely-explicable nature of Night Vale itself. It's possible that another vortex incident arises in that future; or that Carlos will eventually get involved with a different method of time travel, such as whatever method was used by The Traveler; or that Night Vale expedites the interference directly somehow; or ....) I'm guessing that's the confusing one?

Julie is my personal hero. It's great to see a female character who is abrasive and arrogant and still entirely likeable!

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