michelel72: (SGA-Teyla-Glee)
michelel72 ([personal profile] michelel72) wrote2012-07-18 11:28 pm

Art for meeeee!

To my surprise, I ended up pinch-writing two stories for the SGA Genficathon. I wrote them well after the art deadline, so I had no expectations of art, but while the stories were still Anonymous, [livejournal.com profile] tridget chose one of them to create gift art for!

I'm all bouncy because this is only the second associated work for any of my fics, as far as I know. (The first was [personal profile] sophia_sol's lovely podfic of my Like Thermodynamics.) Yayyyy!

Be advised that the story itself involves a serious injury to one character, and the art does not shy away from depicting that. Bearing that in mind ... check it out!

Cover art for Clipped by [livejournal.com profile] tridget: At LJ; at AO3