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Anyone want to talk characterization? I'm trying to figure out why a Welcome to Night Vale / Dresden Files crossover fic grabbed me so hard, because there are elements of the characterization of Carlos that I didn't think were really my thing, but they definitely work for me here. This is mostly just me trying to work something out for myself, so feel free to skip, but I'd love to chat about this stuff if anyone is interested.

The fic is Love Is All You Need to Destroy Your Enemies. I'm a fan of WtNV, but I don't know that I'd say I'm a hardcore fan or anything; I've never read "Dresden Files", and haven't really planned to, to the point that I've spoiled myself for numerous series developments. (I'm sure it's fine for the folks who like it; I don't mean to slam it or anything.) I try to avoid actual spoilers for the fic here, but there are some vague premise-and-characterization spoilers in my ramblings. Cut for rambling ... )
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Just a quick note: I wished for a community that would expose me to official music videos, the way MTV used to about thirty years ago (!?) ... and [personal profile] wyldbutterflies has made it happen! If you miss videos, too, check out [community profile] music_videos!
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To my surprise, I ended up pinch-writing two stories for the SGA Genficathon. I wrote them well after the art deadline, so I had no expectations of art, but while the stories were still Anonymous, [livejournal.com profile] tridget chose one of them to create gift art for!

I'm all bouncy because this is only the second associated work for any of my fics, as far as I know. (The first was [personal profile] sophia_sol's lovely podfic of my Like Thermodynamics.) Yayyyy!

Be advised that the story itself involves a serious injury to one character, and the art does not shy away from depicting that. Bearing that in mind ... check it out!

Cover art for Clipped by [livejournal.com profile] tridget: At LJ; at AO3
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So I have a new toy, as of this past Thursday.

A picture of my new toy. )

It's fun. It does have drawbacks relative to the Prius (primarily storage, OMG, I've never seen a wimpier glovebox, and the rear storage is both small and hard to access); but since I've been thinking about changing vehicles for a while, it's probably best to do so before the snow and ice start for the year ... and seeing a claim that I'm getting 250+ mpg is nice.

I'm not yet really charging from my solar panels**; the charge cord is short enough that I have to park under the "bird bench" (electrical and cable service lines), so I charge at night and then move the car to the other side of the driveway before the birds arrive for the day. (I'm looking into the service to install a high-speed charger in a better location.) I can get all the way to work and halfway back again on one charge in this weather, which is sweet, and it'll be sweeter if work does in fact approve on-site charging. We'll see.

Hee hee hee.

**(The electrical supply is largely fungible. I try to keep my usage to the daytime when I can, so that it's more directly tied to my solar panels rather than to the coal/nuclear network; I pay extra per net used kWh to add renewables to the mix; blah, blah. I would rather have a large solar array and battery system to go completely off-grid, but "clean" battery technology isn't really there yet. On the whole, I'm probably doing better environmentally than if I were using a straight-gas engine.)
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What is this? I'm liking stuff? Who am I and what have I done with ... me?

Doctor Who 6x10 "The Girl Who Waited": (No real spoilers) I kind of hate the open (primarily for the false! urgency! and the brief appearance of the Idiot Ball), but other than that, this episode works for me. Interesting, fascinating character dynamics, bad-ass-ness and devotion in rewarding distributions, dark elements. My DVR choked on the recording, and I'm glad I managed to track this episode down regardless. (I always forget I have OnDemand, because it never seems to have anything useful ... until now.)

Eureka 4x11 "Liftoff": Cut for minor spoilers )

So, anyway. I liked stuff for a change! There may be hope for me yet!
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So [livejournal.com profile] ninjamonkey73 got into Castle … round about season two, I suppose? And she's recently been very into it. I always meant to get into it but never quite got around to it, but in the aftermath of the third season's finale, she tracked down the first two seasons for me and [personal profile] violetcheetah to watch. (We can't see season three yet; the network is only airing isolated episodes, and I hate watching things out of order. More than that, we both vastly prefer to watch with captions/subtitles so that we don't miss dialogue, which means the typical online methods aren't useful. We'll catch up when that season releases in September and just buffer season four for a few weeks.)

I'm actively enjoying it; it's fun. Stana Katic has some serious charisma, and Nathan Fillion is magical. I can't say I ship them, at least yet, but I definitely like each of them and like them as friends.

Some thoughts on the first two seasons, in no particular order:

(My thoughts. My many, many thoughts. )

TL;DR: Fun show. Would watch again. Looking forward to seasons three and four.
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I haven't been around much; I haven't had time. Most of that is work; I adore my job, but it's exhausting, and nights/weekends really aren't enough for me even to keep up with the day-to-day, much less reading (I haven't read half the SGA Big Bang archive; I haven't read any of last year's Atlantis Big Bang; I have over 400 fics, fic indexes, and other works tagged as "to be read"; the ReverseBang just went live and the GenFicathon is about to), much much less writing. Which is frustrating. I simply need more time than that to switch from programmer-mindset to writing-mindset.

A brief (for me) whine about the State of the Writing. )

With reading and writing fic, as well as keeping up with my rlist/flist, I spend a lot of time on my computer. My ISP is Comcast, who provides Symantec's Norton Security Suite free to its customers, and I have to wonder what the hell they're thinking. Norton was once the gold standard for computer utilities, if I recall correctly, but it's been worse than a joke for years. Why in the world would Comcast encourage its customers to use a product that makes Comcast's service seem unusably slow? I'm not exaggerating — when my browser takes 48 seconds to process a simple page-down command (yes, I timed it, twice; yes, the response time is unmeasurably quick with Norton uninstalled), I may be savvy enough to blame the add-on software, but not everyone will be, and they'll blame Comcast's speed. Inexplicably stupid marketing/support choice.

Not much else to report beyond that, so I'll close out with a huge batch of …

TV mini-reviews (and two bonus fic recs) )

And that's that.
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When my mother and I visited Vancouver, we had downtime in our hotel room. She likes having the television on pretty much all the time, while I can't stand that; I want the TV on only when I'm watching something specific. It worked out, though; she wanted to get me into Criminal Minds, which was on all the time, so I got a nice hefty dose of a very good show. In addition, we also ran across a few other shows that didn't drive me insane; one of those was "Holmes on Homes", which I liked so much that — now that I've found it on US cable — I now record all episodes (new and repeats) for those times when I actually do want to watch non-narrative television.

More about 'Holmes on Homes' (in short: yay!) )
I bring this review forward now because it's become timely for me. A recurring theme on the show (and the spin-off "Holmes Inspection") has been "how not to run electrical wiring". They point out bad junctions, improper runs, inadequate cabling, hazardous placement near water sources, and the like. One tidbit they've mentioned is that side-entry electrical boxes have become the latest preferred standard. I found that interesting, but I didn't really follow the reasons, which they may not have mentioned; regardless, that observation stuck with me.

I now know why they're a good idea.

Guess what's a bad idea to mix with electricity? )
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"Criminal Minds" didn't interest me enough when it first came out to bother catching it. You've seen twelve police procedurals, you've seen 'em all, etc. But [livejournal.com profile] violetcheetah started watching it in syndication, and then my mother turned out to like it too, and I think [livejournal.com profile] writerjc, so I've been hearing dribs and drabs.

Cut for tl;dr with teensy vague series spoilers )

But I need to pace myself, and maybe that will help. I know I ended up shotgunning A:TLA in the end, and I think that did impair my connection to the characters; their story is over, in a sense, so it never had the chance to plant hooks in my fic brain the way SGA did before it ended. We'll see.
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I'm usually kind of a crankypants, so credit where it's due: This episode was actually pretty good! Actual competence from the various characters in their respective fields, the application of various kinds of intelligence, characterization for Kate for a change, reasons why they don't use what would seem to be the obvious resources, abundant red herrings to keep me guessing, even a seeming mistake that paid off late in the game. There was only one headslapper, and even that was only a matter of a delay in doing something rather than an outright omission. Kudos to writer James Thorpe. I'm actually glad I spent time on this one!

ETA: Plus, plus, Amanda Tapping "faking" a bad American-ish accent! Bwah! I love her so much.
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A sarcastic, pessimistic science/engineering genius with a crooked smile. There really was no way I could not like Sokka, was there? (Sorry, Rodney, you might be the greater science/engineering genius, but Sokka's got you seriously outmatched when it comes to battle. Don't worry, though, I love you both!)

I'm particularly noting this based on "Book One, Chapter 17" (or A:TLA 1x17, more traditionally). I know I'm mainlining the series and so will have a different experience than those who parcel out the episodes over time, but I still like that Sokka is allowed to contribute to the group in major ways from very near the outset (if not quite all along). Competence squee FTW!


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