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Anyone want to talk characterization? I'm trying to figure out why a Welcome to Night Vale / Dresden Files crossover fic grabbed me so hard, because there are elements of the characterization of Carlos that I didn't think were really my thing, but they definitely work for me here. This is mostly just me trying to work something out for myself, so feel free to skip, but I'd love to chat about this stuff if anyone is interested.

The fic is Love Is All You Need to Destroy Your Enemies. I'm a fan of WtNV, but I don't know that I'd say I'm a hardcore fan or anything; I've never read "Dresden Files", and haven't really planned to, to the point that I've spoiled myself for numerous series developments. (I'm sure it's fine for the folks who like it; I don't mean to slam it or anything.) I try to avoid actual spoilers for the fic here, but there are some vague premise-and-characterization spoilers in my ramblings. Cut for rambling ... )
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Cross-promoting: [livejournal.com profile] sga_genficathon signups are underway and close in a week. All categories are welcome, but we could use some more folks writing for "Team", and we could really use some more folks to join the, well, none we currently have signed up for "Humor".

(I personally find humor one of the hardest kinds of writing to get right — and possibly the hardest — so I wouldn't say I'm surprised, exactly.)

I know a lot of people have drifted away from SGA; I know real life is in the way for a lot of others who might otherwise sign up. But if you're wavering, please consider this a friendly nudge; and if you know anyone who might be interested, please consider givin them a nudge!
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The books have a new home! The original post is below for, I don't know, posterity or something, but this is all set now. Thanks, folks!

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So, Toft has been trolling** [livejournal.com profile] sgastoryfinders for the past two years.

(ETA 1749 EST: Now flocked.)

I can't say I'm offended or hurt, exactly, at least not on my own behalf. I only expend so much effort searching for fics I haven't read myself; if I don't trip over a useful search string early, well, I can't afford the time.

But. Some people make the time, because the whole point of the comm is helping out one's fellow fans. If I recognize the poster and have good associations — for example, if the seeker is a writer of stories (in and out of SGA) that I've enjoyed — I'm more likely to put in extra effort myself. I feel very sorry for anyone who has been hurt by this nonsense, and all my sympathies are with them. I do hope the community as a whole will not be adversely affected.

I honestly don't see any way in which it's funny or entertaining. Trolls are a waste of time and energy, and I have little respect for anyone who finds trolling entertaining. (The posts themselves are ... there, for me. I have no use for toilet/naughty "humor", though. I am not entertained as a seeker or as a finder.) I can sort of understand trolling a hate community, but trolling a good-faith mutual-assistance community is inexcusable. It's not cool or edgy or funny; at best, it's a sign of emotional and social immaturity.

It's interesting that this follows so soon after [livejournal.com profile] mabfan's Reading Writers You Hate. Make no mistake: I do not in any way think that inane trolling is remotely equivalent to such offenses as Holocaust denial. I will extrapolate, however, that I am unwilling to offer profit to anyone who knowingly acts to hurt others. The currency of fandom, for its writers, consists largely of feedback and recommendations; and I will no longer be providing either to Toft, who should be ashamed (for reasons far more fundamental than the contents of the faked searches).
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