michelel72: Tony Stark with HUD swirl (AVG-IronMan)
Title: (You've Got to Get) A Good Heart
Rating: FRT for violence, language
Wordcount: 27,500
Crossposting: At AO3; comment-only base at LJ
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Summary/teaser: The Tesseract is not done with the Starks. Howard and Tony have each left important things unsaid. Good intentions are not always a defense, and Tony doesn't necessarily handle second chances with grace or tact.

(You've Got to Get) A Good Heart )
michelel72: Tony Stark with HUD swirl (AVG-IronMan)
Title: What We Choose to Leave Behind
Genre/Rating: Gen (background het); FRK/all audiences
Relationships: Tony & Howard; Tony & JARVIS; mostly background Tony/Pepper; background Howard/Maria
Wordcount: 6500
Timeline/Spoilers: Slots in between "Iron Man 2" and "Avengers"
Warnings: Alcohol used as a coping mechanism; canonical implied emotional neglect
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Summary/Teaser: Howard has a conversation far too late and just in time, while the Tesseract is indirectly responsible for twisting causality into knots.

What We Choose to Leave Behind )
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