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In part to complete the historical record; in part because Mom is curious how I'll write these up.

21st September, Vancouver (Stanley Park and Granville Island) )

22nd September, Vancouver (Granville Island) and Lynn Canyon and Lonsdale )

23rd September, Vancouver to Seattle to home )

Seriously, Downtown Seattle Alamo is terrible. Avoid them.

Random observations left out of prior days
- When we were at that huge mall in Burnaby, we checked out a shop called Lush. Every one of the shop attendants came across as really perkily stoned. It's hard to describe, and my vocabulary in this area is lacking, but they were very friendly and very upbeat and yet somehow simultaneously super-mellow. I blame the scented soaps.

- The people were, in general, very nice. I know that's a Canadian stereotype, but I live in New England, and the difference was definitely noticeable. I specifically noticed that many desk agents and other store representatives seemed genuinely happy and interested; the niceness never came across as artificial. As with Lush, there was an earnestness there that I'm just not used to.

- Three things I'm not used to seeing available just anywhere, but were rampant in the Vancouver area:
-- Fish & chips — I see it at restaurants occasionally around here, but not really at concession stands.
-- Tea, as a serious thing rather than an afterthought where coffee is sold. There were little teapots at the concession on the ferry to Vancouver Island!
-- Soft serve ice cream. Where I grew up, it was everywhere; it's available in New England, but not nearly so commonly.

I loved Vancouver. Despite a few snags, the trip was very good. I can strongly recommend Cascadia Hotel and Suites, JJ Bean for coffee, and The Dish on Davie St. (I found Davie St useful in general.) I would love to go back and explore more of the parks, especially hiking, as well as just the overall area, and I'd recommend Vancouver as a destination to anyone … even during times of a poor exchange rate!
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We are not wandering Victoria at this very moment because we decided to do that tomorrow, given the "pouring" "rain" we're allegedly experiencing at this moment. From the sunny sky. Sigh.

17th September, Vancouver and North Vancouver )

18th September, Richmond and Burnaby and Vancouver )

And there, I think, is the rain, just barely starting to put in an appearance.

(Edited at just past midnight 20th September to add crossposting. D'oh!)
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(I just watched a guy walk up the street with a plant — houseplant? small shrub? — in his backpack.)

16th September, Vancouver/North Vancouver )
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