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Sometimes story titles are just there for me, but when they're not ... ugh. I thought I had worked out a title for my current story, but then I realized the direction I was going kind of spoiled the story, so I've been flailing. And I start posting a week from today. I don't like deadlines.

The best title candidate now is a lyric from an Air Supply song. Air Supply. It's kind of doofily appropriate, but still.
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So remember that time I was all fangirly about Love Is All You Need to Destroy Your Enemies (WtNV/Dresden)?

I sort of accidentally wrote a fic set in the same 'verse. A fanfic of a fanfic, if you will. ([archiveofourown.org profile] shadydave is the sort of hoopy frood who gives open permission via profile notes.)

I know this is the longest of long shots, but is there anyone out there who is familiar with this fic and willing to serve as an early reader of mine? Right now I've got a fairly rough draft of *cough* not quite 38,000 words.

I'm not looking for SPaG; this would be any or all of the following: Character voice, story flow, pacing, and "Dresden Files" canon. You know, the hard stuff.

To make this even more fun, I'm hoping to post it no later than Valentine's Day.

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So if anyone out there tried to get hold of me via AO3 recently and thought I was ignoring them ... it turns out that I broke my notifications there several months ago. (I had to turn off forwarding from my @livejournal.com address because of spam inundation, and I didn't realize that was the only address I had defined at AO3.) I'll be going through my inbox there in the next few days to catch up.
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I wrote something, I wrote something, oh holy cats, I wrote something!

Not any one of the three fics I meant to be working on, not even the same fandom, but I don't even care!

Anyone out there up for giving feedback on a 6k Iron Man fic? If I don't get nibbles within a day or two, I'll just post, but I should let it sit that long anyway just so I can give it a fresh look before actually posting. And I would like to improve if there's something about it that can be fixed.

It's gen (background Tony/Pepper and Howard/Maria), set between IM2 and the Avengers movie, and it's about Howard and Tony's relationship, explored via handwavium. I'm not looking for SPaG (though always appreciated) so much as general story flow and, more importantly, character voice. Because, well, Tony Stark. I've never written him before, never even contemplated it, never thought I'd write anything at this rate that had nothing to do with SGA, so ... yeah. Another pair of eyes would be good.

And now I will go fall down, since I need to get up for work in about five hours. Blah. But still, I wrote something, whee!

And, since I'm a bit punchy, I will leave you -- under a cut, because I'm not quite that cruel -- a listing of quasi-Tumblr-style tags I will not use when I post to AO3. Imagine them strung together with commas to separate them, because I can't be bothered to format them readably that way at the moment. Enjoy!

(And not even one 'feels' ...) )
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Before yesterday, I probably would have been vaguely amused by something like a phone app to find your car in a parking lot. Sure, it'd be useful for some people, but I don't tend to go many unfamiliar places. And it's not like I would manage to lose my car in the garage I've been parking in several times a week for FIFTEEN OF THE LAST SEVENTEEN YEARS or anything. Especially not in 10-degree (F) weather.


(The problem was that I was listening to a conference call as I parked that morning, and the confusion of disconnecting my phone from the car's hands-free system and getting into the building, all while following the technical conversation, meant that I wasn't paying nearly enough attention to where I'd parked. And apparently my key fob's "unlock" works just fine, but the "emergency horn" either doesn't work or has a trick to it.)
In random other news, I've dropped "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." I'd only seen three episodes and my DVR space was getting critical, so B and agreed that was the show on the block. I decided to check it out a little more alone, on the off chance it might have improved, but I couldn't get past the 15-minute mark of episode four. Squee-harshing within. )

The news coverage of the New Jersey bridge closure scandal is frankly far more entertaining, anyway ....

(* I admit that giving the van the code name "short bus", in relation to their transport plane being "the bus", was pretty amusing, though.)
Apparently I wrote 14,336 words (possibly including some amount of notes/outlining) in 2013, 4700 of them in December. That's ... not nothing, at least.
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So I have a new toy, as of this past Thursday.

A picture of my new toy. )

It's fun. It does have drawbacks relative to the Prius (primarily storage, OMG, I've never seen a wimpier glovebox, and the rear storage is both small and hard to access); but since I've been thinking about changing vehicles for a while, it's probably best to do so before the snow and ice start for the year ... and seeing a claim that I'm getting 250+ mpg is nice.

I'm not yet really charging from my solar panels**; the charge cord is short enough that I have to park under the "bird bench" (electrical and cable service lines), so I charge at night and then move the car to the other side of the driveway before the birds arrive for the day. (I'm looking into the service to install a high-speed charger in a better location.) I can get all the way to work and halfway back again on one charge in this weather, which is sweet, and it'll be sweeter if work does in fact approve on-site charging. We'll see.

Hee hee hee.

**(The electrical supply is largely fungible. I try to keep my usage to the daytime when I can, so that it's more directly tied to my solar panels rather than to the coal/nuclear network; I pay extra per net used kWh to add renewables to the mix; blah, blah. I would rather have a large solar array and battery system to go completely off-grid, but "clean" battery technology isn't really there yet. On the whole, I'm probably doing better environmentally than if I were using a straight-gas engine.)
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I've been using Firefox at home for months now — going on a year, I think — because Delicious's bookmarking tools and IE8 have a whole matter/anti-matter relationship going on. Within days, possibly on the first day, I also grabbed AdBlock Plus, since the method I'd learned to block obnoxious ads on IE didn't apply in Firefox.

Granted, I haven't used the customization tools (manual blocking) in ABP that much, but still. I only just realized, today, that I can use it to block that thrice-damned, nightmare-inducing goat. The one I've complained about every single time it's been sprung on me since its redesign.

It's particularly galling in light of the fact that part of why work has been so damn crazy lately is that so many people have been so very slow to follow explanations and documentation. At least I'm not alone in having noticed (and in having been frustrated by) that phenomenon .....
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(Yes, I know, I deserve to have even my apprentice-geek credentials revoked for this.)

I could flail about, or I could just ask the knowledgeable folks on my flist: My Cat5e/wireless home network currently runs off a Linksys BEFW11S4 4-port wireless router. I need to add more ports, which this model supports via its "uplink port". I could spend about $23 or $130 (or even more). I'd prefer more than 5 extra ports, but I want something that's simple to implement and likely to work with my existing router. I don't see a need to buy a second router to daisy-chain or anything like that; all I need is more ports.

Do I just go cheap (and ... make sure to connect it to my router with a crossover cable, I think??), or do I need to look for anything particular? What do I need to know here?

ETA: Or I could just borrow a lonely 8-port router from the fantastic [livejournal.com profile] ninjamonkey73 and use that as the extended switch. Problem solved! \o/

[For extra credit: [livejournal.com profile] violetcheetah can use her Mac laptop on my wireless network at any time with no problems. I consistently find that, in the summer, either of my Dell Windows-based laptops using IE and/or Firefox and MacAfee-or-Norton can't maintain a stable-enough-for-VPN wireless connection. Changing the wireless channel doesn't help or makes the wireless unusable; the current channel was fantastically stable over the winter. The router is in the basement, as I was assured that the signal is likely to be weaker below the device than beside or above it. Is there an explanation/solution beyond "Windows/IE/Norton sucks"?]
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