31 May 2010

michelel72: (SGA-Teyla-Glee)
Title: A Few Small Repairs
Author: [personal profile] michelel72
Genre/Rating: Rodney/Teyla preship, plus team gen; FRK
Wordcount: 4800
Timeline/Spoilers: Full AU. Epilogue to Damper
Warnings: None.
Notes: 1) Many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] siriaeve for organizing Sticks & Snark! This actually wasn't written specifically for her prompt "What makes Teyla cranky, and how does Rodney negotiate that?" — but it wound up close in spirit, and I hope it satisfies. 2) Title from Shawn Colvin.
Policies: All feedback of any length, including constructive criticism, always welcome. If my warnings for triggers/squick are inadequate, please let me know.
Credits: Beta by the lightning-quick [livejournal.com profile] scarlet_gryphon. Remaining mistakes are of course my own.
Archives: At Livejournal | At AO3

Summary: That thing with Ronon's hair was so not Rodney's fault.

A Few Small Repairs )
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