30 July 2014


30 July 2014 08:41 pm
michelel72: (General-Image-SpringDarkStars)
I moved into my current house in 2004. I vaguely remember a calico cat that came around sometimes; even more vaguely, I remember something about her having kittens (under my stoop?) that someone across the street wanted to catch.

In the summer of 2006, she had kittens under my stoop again. I tried to catch them, messed it up so that she stole one away, and released the other to her. She hid them in a woodpile in the vacant lot next door for a week; then she brought them back. I caught them and brought all three inside; the rest is history.

cut for pet end-of-life )

Goodbye, Daisy. You were a good girl.
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